• Davidoff Chefs Edition 50th Anniversary

    Davidoff Chefs Edition 50th Anniversary

    To certain culinary superstars, the world is their kitchen. They match the highest standards with the widest imaginations. When it comes to finding new flavours, the palates of these ...

  • Plasencia Alma del Campo

    Plasencia Alma del Campo

    Alma del Campo means 'soul of the field'. The Alma del Campo is a very well balanced nicaragua puro of medium intensity with a complex taste profile. Creamy-fruity sweetness with notes of nuts, coffee, leather and a subtle spiciness.

  • The Griffins Nicaragua

    The Griffins Nicaragua

    Accentuated spice with slightly floral notes and an increasing in the smoke, elegant sweetness, reminiscent of dark chocolate.

  • Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli

    Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli

    Delicately spicy and mild to medium-bodied the creamy 'Esteli' is a worthy and inexpensive alternative to the classic and beefier 'Alec Bradley Black Market'.

  • No more draw problems!

    No more draw problems!

    How often do you light up your cigar and proclaim, 'Now THAT's a perfect draw!' Probably not very often. But wouldn't it be glorious if that happened with every cigar... every time? Well, now it can ...

  • New World Puro Especial Robusto

    New World Puro Especial Robusto

    This cigar cuts out of the mainstream and can not be described with the usual terminology. What is immediately noticeable is a lasting pepperiness, mineral nuances and a slight saltiness. Notable ...

  • Discover our special offers

    Discover our special offers

    Also this week we offer you a range of selected cigars at discounted prices. Take advantage now!

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