• Ashton Symmetry

    Ashton Symmetry

    Crisp notes of spice and oak flourish early on, and praise an irresistible emergent cream. Savory nuances of leather and figs segue into a superb finish.

  • Villiger San d'Oro Claro

    Villiger San d'Oro Claro

    The taste is dominated by mild earthy, woody roasted aromas, which are accompanied by a light creaminess.

  • CAO OSA Sol Lot 50 - 30% OFF

    CAO OSA Sol Lot 50 - 30% OFF

    The CAO OSA SOL convince with a creamy balance and notes of cedar, leather and earth, as well as with very good ratings.

  • No more draw problems!

    No more draw problems!

    How often do you light up your cigar and proclaim, 'Now THAT's a perfect draw!' Probably not very often. But wouldn't it be glorious if that happened with every cigar... every time? Well, now it can ...

  • New World Puro Especial Robusto

    New World Puro Especial Robusto

    This cigar cuts out of the mainstream and can not be described with the usual terminology. What is immediately noticeable is a lasting pepperiness, mineral nuances and a slight saltiness. Notable ...

  • Tatuaje Black Label Private Reserve Gran Toro

    Tatuaje Black Label Private Reserve Gran Toro

    Thiese wonderfully authentic and rustic cigars are full of leathery, earthy sweet-spicy aromas. A cigar for individualists for a very special smoking pleasure.

  • Discover our special offers

    Discover our special offers

    Also this week we offer you a range of selected cigars at discounted prices. Take advantage now!

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