The Habanos Specialist

The Habanos Specialist - your trusted specialist for cuban cigars

In 2008 a new trademark for cigars stores specialised in Cuban cigars was established, the "Habanos Specialist".  "Habanos Specialists" stock the full range of Cuban cigars and are meticulously trained to attain and keep the highest level of cigar expertise. Thanks to their tight link to the official Habanos importer and distributor for Switzerland, Intertabak AG (Import no. 8003), "Habanos Specialists" have privileged access to the very best cigar quality as well as to limited and special cigar editions. Buying from from a "Habanos Specialist" means buying peace of mind and being assured of getting only genuine Cuban cigars stored in the very best conditions. 

Don Cigarro Store

We verify and guarantee that box codes, the Country of Origin seal, the official Cuban Government warranty seal, the Habanos S.A. official seals and hologram are all authentic. Furthermore, in each box of cuban cigars bought from Don Cigarro you will find a certificate of warranty from Intertabak AG plus  a transparent Intertabak AG sticker on the bottom of the cigar box. When you purchase cigars from Don Cigarro, you will receive only authentic hand made, long filler cigars, be it Cuban, Dominican, from Honduras or from Nicaragua.

Intertaban AG warranty seals

Transparent seal                                      Intertabak AG quality
on bottom of box                                   control certificate in each box

Green Cuban origin and authenticity seal

Green Cuban origin and authenticity seal