Cohiba cigars

"Cohiba" means cigar in the language of the native Taino Indians. It was thirty years ago that Fidel Castro constructed a legend around this cigar; there is no other which is more shrouded in myth and rumor than the Cohiba cigars. It is true that they are manufactured in a beautiful old factory, formerly a grand mansion called El Laguito, and almost exclusively by women. Of course, for the noblest of Cuba’s cigars, only the very best leaves from the Vuelta Abajoare used. 

The special taste of Cohiha cigars and Cigarillos is due primarily to the fact that the factory El Laguito has first pick of the prime tobacco out of the current harvest. In addition, the tobacco which goes into making a Cohiba Cigars has been fermented three times (for all others only twice), whereby as a result of this additional fermentation, the tobacco acquires more flavor as it loses it’s sharpness. With the new, moderately mild Cohiba Siglo series, Cuba celebrates the 500th anniversary of it’s discovery  by the Spaniards and has dedicated to each of the centuries ("siglo"), its own cigar. The largest Cohiba of the Siglo line, the Siglo VI, was added later. Ater the Siglo line the Maduro 5 line was added, full bodied maduro cigars with dark and oily wrappers. The ultimate Cohiba line was added in 2010 and is called Behike. The Behike line is spicier than the Siglo line and is made from the very best tobaccos which are matured for years before getting rolled. The "medio tiempo" leafs from the top of the plant is responsible for the distinct spiciness of the Behike line, consistign of the Cohiba Behike BHK 52, the Cohiba Behike BHK 54 and the Cohiba Behike BHK 56.