Checklist for cigar buyers

Cigars are delicate creatures of mother nature

In order to guarantee that you receive a quality cigar for your money, it is important to pay special attention to the following points:

  1. Purchase your cigars exclusively at cigar specialty shops who have command over a broad and extensive assortment. A specialist who has earned this distinction has, at his disposal, a selection of at least 250 to 300 different cigars from four or five countries of origin. Of the Cuban cigar Brands, all of the 26 important labels should be represented, and not only 10 or less. DonCigarro offers over 450 different cigars on display in their giant sales-humidor.
  2. Take care that at the sales location a walk-in, completely air-conditioned humidor is present, where the complete selection is clearly displayed, and where possible in the original packaging. Seeing is believing, and the ability to feel and compare are not only important elements in making a decision to purchase, but also an extremely pleasant experience in itself.
  3. In the humidor, a well-visible and precise hygrometer must be displayed which must register a relative air humidity of at least 70% or slightly higher.
  4. The temperature in the humidor may not exceed 20°-21°C. Should a thermometer and/or the hygrometer be missing, do not make a purchase because the merchandise is probably dried out, the aroma faded and the product spoiled.
  5. In a professional walk-in humidor, the air in the entire room has been exchanged several times daily, because cigars need fresh air and oxygen regularly. If the atmosphere is “moldy” and “bad”, that means that fresh air is absent, there isn’t sufficient oxygen, the right climate is missing. In any case, ask about the ventilation system. How does the “correct climate” feel like? Simply stop by DonCigarro and you can experience it first-hand. An entirely new experience – guaranteed!
  6. Let yourself be convinced that the person who sells you your cigars really knows his product through his own smoking experience; this is an essential condition for a professional consultation.
  7. And, should you decide to make a purchase on the internet, ensure that your cigars are packaged and sent in an hermetically-sealed, protective bag, as at DonCigarro.

If you follow these seven simple rules, you will seldom be disappointed by imperfect cigars, and the enjoyment of your Cohibas, Montecristos, Partagas, Hoyos etc. will be assured.