Cutting and lighting


All handmade cigars must be opened at their closed end, the head. The method of biting the cigar is not recommended, because the risk of tearing the wrapper is too great. Cigars should therefore be cut. The cut should be clean and even, because it is a prerequisite for the cigar to draw properly. There are numerous technical devices for this purpose; S- and V-cutters, cigar scissors or piercers are the most common tools. However, a sharp pocket knife can be used just as well. When cutting, you should never remove the entire head or even more, because you will ruin the wrapper of the cigar. Just two millimeters of the cigar head (the cap), is enough for an ideal smoking experience.


When lighting a cigar, the flame should not touch the cigar if possible. Matches or gas lighters are recommended for this process, gasoline lighters can affect the aroma. Jet lighters are very suitable for cigars. The cigar is held in the hand at an angle of 45 degrees above the flame. Then the cigar is slowly rotated until the entire surface of the end evenly shows ash. When small wisps of smoke rise into the air, the cigar is brought to the lips and a steady, light draw is taken, turning the cigar just above the tip of the flame. Now the end should be on fire. Now the only thing to check is if the burn of the cigar is even, otherwise the cigar will burn faster on one side.

Worth knowing

  • Cigars taste best when smoked slowly. One should not draw or even puff too often, otherwise the cigar will overheat, creating a bitter taste. Never inhale the smoke when doing this.
  • Do not knock the cigar ash into the ashtray, instead gently roll it.
  • The flavor transforms as the cigar decreases in length. Over time, the smoke becomes stronger and usually the flavor changes as the cigar nears the end. Then the time has come to end the enjoyment of the cigar.
  • If a cigar has gone out due to inattention, you can relight it without hesitation. However, you should first smooth the end of the cigar with the help of a match.

Happy Smoking!