Identifying aromas

The aroma variety of a good, hand-rolled cigar is complex and it is not always easy to identify the individual components. However, you may have particularly liked a cigar and would like to test a cigar with a similar flavor profile. The following categories should serve to simplify the description of the different flavors.

  • Earthy flavors: damp earth, moss, mushrooms, humus
  • Woody aromas: cedar, oak, licorice, resin
  • Roasted aromas: (dark) chocolate, cocoa, coffee, caramel, toasted bread
  • Animal aromas: leather, stable, musk, sheep
  • Fruity aromas: nuts, honey, tropical fruits (coconut, mango, papaya, lychees)
  • Plant and herbal aromas: hay, grass, straw
  • Spicy aromas: pepper, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, red and green peppers