Temperature and humidity

Proper storage is of great importance for hand-rolled quality cigars. Improper storage will result in the formation of mold or drying out of the cigars. A temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 70% are optimal. It is important to note that it is the relative humidity of 70% that is decisive and not the exact temperature of 20° Celsius. Although this is the "desired" value, the temperature can be anywhere between 16°C and 28°C as long as the value of 70% relative humidity is kept constant. This fact is related to the fact that at a higher temperature, water has a higher kinetic energy and therefore does not bind to the cigar as easily.

Humidification system

For proper storage of cigars, a humidor with a good humidification system is needed. This can be a passively working acrylic polymer humidifier or an actively regulating humidification system such as the CigarSpa. Boveda humidity bags can also be used to humidify cigars. Weekly short airing of the humidor is recommended to allow the cigars to ripen and prevent unwanted odors. It is also recommended to refill the humidification system with distillate-like (demineralized, germ-free water) or distilled water or to replace the Boveda bags. Boveda bags have an unopened shelf life of approximately 2 years and last approximately 2-4 months when used correctly.

Worth knowing

  • Cigars properly stored for years can best be compared to a wine. A thirty year old Bordeaux has a different aroma profile and much greater complexity than the same wine after two or five years.
  • Slightly dried-out cigars can certainly be enjoyed again after two weeks in the humidor. However, if a cigar is totally dried out, it is not smokable anymore.
  • Cigars should be kept free from foreign odors, otherwise they can be quickly absorbed by the tobacco.
  • On the windowsill or mantelpiece a humidor looks nice, but is not advisable due to temperature fluctuations.