Cigar Prop lighter-ventilator

Cigar Prop

You buy a lighter and soon your're back in the store because after filling the new jet flame lighter it no longer works. The solution: High-quality premium butane gas should be used for refilling and, very importantly, vent the lighter to bring out excess pressure. You may have tried this with a screwdriver or toothpick or the like, which in many cases ends up with a defective valve. Not so with the lighter vent from "CigarProp", developed by US aficionado and inventor Kevin Shahan. Shanan simply could not find a suitable tool for venting his lighters. In many cases, overpressure in the lighter is the reason for jet-flame lighters to fail. "CigarProp" is massive enough to apply enough and correct pressure to the valve. In addition, the exit holes are positioned so that the remaining gas can escape from the lighter on two sides in a controlled manner. The ventilation ensures that the excess pressure can escape and the nozzles of the jet lighter function correctly again.

Cigar Prop lighter-ventilator

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