CIGSOR WiFi Humidity Sensor


With CIGSOR you always have your humidor under control, no matter where you are. CIGSOR measures moisture and temperature regularly and sends these values ​​to the CIGSOR app on your smartphone or pad. You, or someone you define, will automatically be notified if these values deviate from the thresholds you have set. The curve of both values ​​is displayed in the app as a graphic, optionally for day, week or month. Each individual measurement is also recorded in a measurement protocol. Each sensor is individually calibrated and tested. The measuring accuracy is +/- 2% and sets new standards. CIGSOR grants a full 10-year warranty on the sensor. Quality made in Switzerland.

  • Measuring accuracy relative humidity: +/- 2%
  • Long-term deviation relative humidity reading: <0.25% / year
  • Measuring accuracy temperature: +/- 0.3 ° C
  • Long-term deviation temperature reading: < 0.02° C / year
  • Data transmission via WLAN
  • Weight CIGSOR CLASSIC: 122g
  • Weight CIGSOR PREMIUM: 338g
  • Weight CIGSOR LUXURY: 360g

That's how easy the installation is:

CIGSOR LUXURY WiFi Sensor ​massive brass 18 carat gold plated

CHF 899.00

CIGSOR PREMIUM WiFi Sensor 100% massive stainless steel

CHF 339.00

CIGSOR CLASSIC WiFi Sensor 100% anodised aluminium

CHF 199.00

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