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Davidoff approached Marcello Bottino for his exacting technological design standards. Marcello Bottino is an Italian creator and entrepreneur based in Genoa, Italy who specialised in welding technique and innovative textiles designing without boundaries, exploring new materials and solutions with every projects – from backpacks with solar panels to seamless swimwear. We knew what we wanted to achieve, we didn’t know how. Marcello with his never ending enthusiasm for new technologies, research and development and no boundaries vision is the perfect partner. We imagined a stylish man cigar accessory that you can travel with without any worry for your precious cigars. It had to be not only designed but also engineered for cigars: the choice of materials to be compatible with cigars, the technology enabling the humidity to stay within the humidor, the protection of the cigars – these are all the challenges we presented to Marcello Bottino. With his knowledge of innovative textiles, the development of his own welding technique and his undeniable Italian flair, Marcello creates the Davidoff Travel humidor – a never-seen before humidor thought for the stylish aficionado on the move.

  • Materials (from L to R):
    • Outdoor: leather and linen
    • Business: leather and wool
    • Explorer: Alcantara and jeans fabric
  • Measurements: 30 x 31 x 4cm
  • No seam: All materials are welded together to maintain the ideal moisture level in the humidor
  • Multilayer fabric and a laminated inside guarantee durability and moisture containment
  • Each travel humidor is equipped with a humidification system from Davidoff, which releases moisture slowly and evenly
  • The cigars can be stored for approximately three weeks in the travel humidor with the Davidoff humidification system
  • The wavy design of the insert serves for optimal storage and protection of the cigars
  • The extra high fabric inlays prevent the cigars from being crushed
  • The soft fabric protects the cigar wrappers
  • Space for 8 cigars - recommendation: larger cigars in the middle and smaller on the sides
  • For cigars with a large ring size the insert can be expanded by opening the push buttons on both sides
  • Strong magnets ensure that the humidor is properly closed
  • The snap noise when closing the tab ensures that your cigars are stored safely and in the best conditions
  • Slow and constant release of moisture for a stable humidification
  • Simple activation of the humidifier: simply remove the adhesive labels
  • Color-coded hygrometer for quick and easy moisture test
  • Each travel humidor has 2 pockets in which accessories can be vestiges, such as lighter, scissors, cutter or matches

Davidoff Reisehumidor Business

CHF 320.00

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