Eiroa Classic


The Eiroa family farm is one of the most technologically advanced tobacco farms in the world.  Also, adhering to strict hygiene and environmental standards set by the Bayer Company. Julio and Christian Eiroa still roam the fields together to ensure they are delivering only premium tobacco, grown in the best of earthly conditions. Located in the Jamastran Valley, which yields Grade A tobacco. Special attention is paid to the aging of this tobacco especially since it is the first time in almost 100 years that the Eiroa's are confident enough in a cigar to use the Eiroa Family name as a brand. They followe every leaf form the time they were in the seed beds, to the fields, to the barns, to the bulks where it is being fermented (never mixed with any other primings) and finally to how the tobacco is packed and aged. This is a labor of love and passion where perfection is the only goal.

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