S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme jet-flame cigar lighters

S.T. Dupont

Forget all you know about jet-flame outdoor lighters. The Défi Extrême Dupont comes with brand new technology for extreme outdoor situations. With the specially developed Dupont DEFI gas this lighter works from -10 ° C to 45 ° C and up to 3500 m above sea level.

Hint: please use only the special S.T. Dupont DEFI gas to fill this lighter. By doing so your lighter will work in a temperature range of -10°C to 45°C and up to an altitude of 3500 meter above sea level.

S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme jet-flame cigar lighter chrome gloss

CHF 230.00

Dupont Gas für DEFI Extreme Feuerzeuge

CHF 11.50

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