Xikar Meridian Cigar Lighters with Soft-Flame


The XIKAR Meridian triple soft-flame flint lighter blends elegance, innovation, and function. The powerful triple soft flame, the first of its kind, fully envelops the foot of a cigar for the perfect light. The XIKAR Meridian’s fuel system creates three separate flames that join together to create a large and powerful flame perfect for larger ring cigars. The XIKAR Meridian lighter also features a prominent roller bar for easy ignition, a large body for a comfortable grip, a red EZ-View fuel window and an easy-to-access compartment for XIKAR flint refilling.

  • Large Triple Soft-flame
  • Reliable Flint Ignition
  • Large Easy-to-use Roller Bar
  • Red EZ-View Fuel Window
  • Large Body for Comfortable Grip
  • Large, Easy-to-use Fuel Adjuster
  • High Altitude Performance

Xikar Meridian Cigar Lighter Black/Gunmetal

CHF 190.00

Xikar Meridian Cigar Lighter Gunmetal

CHF 190.00

Xikar Meridian Cigar Lighter Red

CHF 190.00

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